CS:GO game modes

Game modes in CS:GO

In this article, we will look at the official CS:GO game modes and tell you where you can fly and shoot with sniper rifles, survive on the island against a dozen enemies, or just play a rating match with friends.

Normal CS:GO mode

The normal mode in CS:GO is a classic confrontation between terrorists and special forces. Each team must eliminate the opponent before the end of the round, or perform alternative tasks: the terrorists – to plant and wait for the bomb to explode or hold the hostages, the special forces – to clear the explosive device or rescue at least one hostage. Each round lasts 135 seconds. If during this time the terrorists do not have time to complete one of their tasks, the round will go to the treasury of the special forces. The match ends after eight rounds won by one team.

In normal mode, there is no automatic side switching, but the player has the opportunity to switch to another team if a place becomes free in it. You can leave the match at any time, there are no penalties for leaving.

The player always has a knife, pistol, bulletproof vest and helmet in his arsenal. Special forces additionally receive a set of sappers. In addition, at the beginning of the match, each player is given $1,000, $3,250 for winning a round, and $1,900 for losing. With this money, you can always buy any weapon you like in the purchase menu. There are also monetary rewards for killings, planting / defusing a bomb, rescuing hostages.

Competitive CS:GO Mode

Competitive mode is a 5v5 ranked match. Before the game starts, the system selects players with similar ranks and randomly assigns them to teams. During the match, terrorists and special forces must perform the same tasks as in normal mode. Rounds last 115 seconds. The team that wins 16 rounds is the winner.

You cannot switch from one team to another. After 15 rounds played, the sides will switch automatically. If you leave the match before it ends, the system will issue a ban for 30 minutes. With each subsequent exit, the blocking time increases.

The player starts the match with a knife, a gun and $800 in his pocket. Additional equipment is not issued, but is purchased separately, like any other weapon. The kill bounty has been doubled compared to normal mode, and the maximum amount of money one player can have is $16,000 instead of $10,000.

Teammates in CS:GO

Teammates is a variation of the competitive 2v2 mode. Teams face off against each other on smaller maps with a single bombsite. The round time has been reduced to 90 seconds, and the money limit for one player has been reduced to $8,000. The side switch comes after the teams have played eight rounds. The match lasts up to nine wins.

Forbidden zone in CS:GO

Forbidden Zone CS:GO is a survival game mode. The one who remains last wins. Accordingly, in order to win, you must kill all opponents on the map.

You cannot leave the game prematurely, otherwise the system will issue a ban from 30 minutes to several weeks, depending on how often you left matches in the past.

The match begins with the fact that the player is asked to choose a location: the area is divided into hexagonal sectors, each of which must land only one player. Before disembarking from a helicopter, it is possible to choose a starting bonus for survival:

  • Exopjump. Allows you to jump over high fences and move faster around the map.
  • Parachute. Slows down a fall from a height, preventing it from breaking.
  • Shield. Protects the body from damage.
  • Medical syringe. Restores 50 health units (HP).
  • Zeus x27. Fires an electric bolt and deals lethal damage to an enemy within a 1.5 meter radius.
  • Fire bomb. Sets a small patch of ground on fire and deals damage to all players within the radius.
  • Bulletproof vest and helmet. Protects the body and head from damage.
  • Drone control. Allows you to choose the shortest route for delivering items from the store.

After landing, the player has nothing but a tablet. With it, you can explore the map of the area, quickly find boxes with weapons, ammo or money, buy equipment that the drone will deliver, and find out how much time is left before the appearance of the restricted zone.

The tablet can be upgraded: for $1000 the player will be able to speed up the delivery of weapons and track other drones, for $1750 the map will show the next infection sector, for $4250 the exact location of rivals will be displayed.

To kill an enemy, you need to deal 120 damage. After the kill, the player receives all the accumulation of the opponent: money, weapons, ammunition and other equipment.

Arms race in CS:GO

The CS:GO arms race consists of one round with the possibility of respawn. There is no need to install or defuse the bomb here, the main task is to be the first to kill from all types of weapons. The list of weapons is random, but the order of the categories is always the same:

  • 3 submachine guns;
  • 3 rifles;
  • 2 shotguns;
  • 2 sniper rifles;
  • 1 machine gun;
  • 4 pistols;
  • golden knife.

To get a new weapon, you need to kill the leader

The player in first place on the table.

 enemy team or two normal opponents. It will immediately appear in the hands after the completed task. The last weapon you need to kill is the golden knife.

Migratory snipers in CS:GO

In Migratory Snipers mode, players from two teams compete on SSG 08 sniper rifles. Other weapons cannot be purchased. The main goal is to destroy the enemy team. This is complicated by the fact that gravity is reduced on the servers: players can fly and maneuver freely in the air. The first team to win eight rounds is the winner.

Destruction of an object in CS:GO

The destruction of the object combines two modes at once – “Normal” and “Arms Race”. Players are divided into two teams, which must perform standard tasks of terrorists and special forces. The weapon is given automatically at the beginning of the round. The issuance order is as follows:

  • Rifle M4A4/AK-47.
  • Submachine gun P90.
  • Submachine gun UMP-45/PP-19 Bizon.
  • Desert Eagle pistol.
  • Shotgun Nova.
  • Pistol Five-SeveN/P250.
  • P2000/Glock 18 pistol.
  • SSG 08 sniper rifle.
  • AWP sniper rifle.
  • SCAR-20/G3SG1 sniper rifle.

At the beginning of the match, the commandos receive an M4A4 assault rifle, the terrorists receive an AK-47. To earn a new weapon, you need to kill one enemy. Then in the new round you will receive the next weapon on the list. If you kill several opponents in a round, another grenade will appear in the arsenal: fragmentation, light or incendiary.

The side change will take place after the teams play 10 rounds in aggregate, the match itself ends after 11 rounds won.